We specialize in criminal law, family law, personal injury, business law, estate planning and real estate.



While it’s something that most people don’t necessarily plan for or anticipate, if you are ever in need of criminal defense, qualified legal counsel is in order. In order to achieve results you are hoping for in a legal case, you won’t want to leave anything to chance. We can be the difference between a conviction and an acquittal.



If you need legal consultation on virtually any domestic matter, family law attorney Tom Roupas and his team are here to help. We can obtain a simple divorce for you, and help you with your equitable property distribution, child custody rights and child support matters.


As the name suggests a “Personal Injury” is harm or damage endured by an individual. The harm can either be physical, such as a broken leg or head injury or it can be a financial harm such as in a business conflict. The legal patronage of personal injury also consists of libel, slander, and defamation.


Any dispute between businesses or other business litigation can have a negative effect on a business, if not handled properly.  Our firm represents small start-up, small business, corporate, mid-sized business and family owned proprietorships with all litigation and transactional type legal issues.


Our estate planning practice is focused on helping you care for those you love and managing what you own—while you’re living and after you’re gone. Our practice reflects a relational focus to estate planning that preserves the memory of your affections for your loved ones as well as preserving your effects and assets.​


As Philadelphia real estate lawyers we are experienced and proficient in real property development transactions and in real estate zoning and regulation laws throughout Pennsylvania.